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A selection of publications of interest on agricultural markets, harvest campaigns and food security issues.  

Bulletins and reports

  • AMIS-OUTLOOK : The Market Monitor is released monthly, during the first week of the month. 
  • USDA-PSD : PSD data (Production, Supply, Demand) from USDA (US. Department of Agriculture) are also released at the beginning of each month.  
  • FAO Food Outlook : A bi-annual publication (May/June and Nov/December) focused on recent developments influencing food commodity markets, including a detail assessment of fundamentals and forecasts conditions, commodity per commodity.  
  • FAO Rice Market monitor : Another FAO publication focused on rice markets, released at the beginning of every trimester (January, April, July, Oct-Nov).  
  • FAO Monthly News reports on Grains: The main goal of the MNR is to share information with Members of the Intergovernmental Group on Grains and the general public. Each MNR includes a selected number of articles from the international media and news sources on issues or factors which are considered critical in shaping the regional/global grains economy. The MNRs also include statistical briefs and other information about meetings/events as well as relevant new publications and websites.  
  • GIEWS Crop Prospects and Food Situation : Released four times per year (March, July, October, December), this report is focused on the main issues affecting food securities within developing countries.  
  • MARS Bulletin : The MARS unit (Monitoring Agricultural ResourceS) releases a monthly report on the evolution of harvests and planting as well as short-term forecasts based on meteorological and satellite data. 



The newsletter of the Agricultural department of the European Commission.

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  •  'MAP' ('Monitoring Agri-trade Policy') 

In-depth analysis of agricultural trade policy issues 

  •  The price dashboard 

Monthly summary of the data on commodity prices for the most representative agricultural products and food products prices, at the European and world level.

  •  "Agricultural Policy Perspectives" Briefs

Briefs on the political aspects of the Common Agricultural Policy.

  •  "Statistical fact sheets - EU agriculture" 

Updated statistical fact sheets for each European Union member (Main economical and agricultural indicators). 

  • International Price Monitoring Newsletter

A watch letter on the evolution of food and agricultural products. Monthly release. 

  •  "Balance sheets for cereals, oilseeds and rice" 

Cereals, oilseeds and rices balance sheets.