Detailed objectives lists' on the short run:

a. Securing confidence among the members of the network and fostering an enhanced mutual understanding, through the organization of meetings, experience and best-practices sharing sessions, as well as through common work on the monitoring of cereals markets within the Mediterranean region.

b. Improving information on cereal markets (production, utilization, stocks, prices, trade) within the region, while aiming at the preparation of forecast balance sheets.

c. Information and methodologies sharing for the creation of a common understanding on the monitoring of cereals markets within the different countries.  

d. Capacity-building for countries to produce and collect better quality data through the organization of training sessions, experts interventions, methodology sharing, common projects, etc.  

e. Producing analysis, in particular on short terms perspectives, for the selected MED-Amin commodities and advocating (about food security and cereal markets) for an enhanced communication towards media and policy-makers on the subject.  


Detailed objectives lists' on the middle run:

a. Laying the foundation for a stronger monitoring of food security in the Mediterranean region, possibly via the establishment of a database, an early warning system, as well as stronger cooperation between countries. 

b. Promoting the relevance and usefulness of moving towards greater transparency for agricultural markets.   

c. Targeting an harmonization of data collection methodologies on cereals markets for participating countries (working in collaboration with AMIS) 

d. Exploring the links and possible interfaces with existing systems, in particular at the international level: AMIS and GEOGLAM, SMIAR/GIEWS, FAOSTAT, IGC, Food security 5+5 Observatory, Eurostat, GLOBCAST(UE), etc.