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Gathered on January 22-23rd, in Paris, the CIHEAM member states launched the « MEDiterranean  Agricultural  Markets  Information  Network  (MED-AMIN) » initiative.

The meeting, organized upon the invitation of the CIHEAM and the French Minister for Agriculture (MAAF), took place within FranceAgriMer headquarters, and brought together representatives from  CIHEAM member states agricultural ministries, statistical institutes cereals boards.

The meeting was attended by the French Minister for Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll, who stressed out the priority that was given to the mediterranean region and the attention that he paid to the implementation of this network. CIHEAM Général Secrétariat, Cosimo Lacirignola, was also present during the meeting. 

This new network aims at facilitating cooperation and experience-sharing within national information systems on agricultural markets, following the demand of CIHEAM member states agricultural ministers as expressed during their 9th meeting in Malta, in September 2012. MED-Amin will be dedicated, during a first phase, to cereal products (wheat, maize, barley, rice), four commodities constituting a strategic component of food security within the mediterranean region. The name of this network is a strong signal sent by member states, as the "amin" adjective refers to the notion of "trust", in arabic.